Terms and Conditions

-Scissor Sharpening:

  1. Equipment Handling and Insurance: Customers are required to arrange their own insurance, at their discretion, for any equipment sent to OZ Clipper & Scissor for sharpening or servicing. While we take utmost care in handling your valuable tools, it is recommended to obtain insurance coverage to protect against any unforeseen circumstances during transit.

  2. Insurance for Return Shipments: Customers must inform OZ Clipper & Scissor if insurance coverage is required for the return shipment of equipment after sharpening, purchase, or repairs. The responsibility for any insurance costs associated with the return shipment lies with the customer.

  3. Liability and Loss: OZ Clipper & Scissor will exercise due diligence in handling and caring for the equipment sent for sharpening or servicing. However, we shall not be held liable for any loss or damage that may occur during transit or while the equipment is in our possession. Customers are encouraged to take necessary precautions, including proper packaging, to ensure safe delivery.

  4. Shipment Method and Tracking: Customers are responsible for choosing a reliable shipping method with tracking for sending their equipment to OZ Clipper & Scissor. The provided address for shipment should be accurate, and all shipping costs shall be borne by the customer.

  5. Equipment Condition and Authorization: By sending equipment for sharpening or servicing, customers confirm that the items are in appropriate condition for such procedures and are authorized to have the work carried out. OZ Clipper & Scissor reserves the right to refuse service if the equipment is deemed unsuitable for sharpening or if the customer lacks the necessary authorization.

  6. Turnaround Time: We strive to provide prompt service to our valued customers. However, turnaround times for sharpening or servicing may vary depending on the complexity of the task and the volume of orders. We will communicate estimated turnaround times upon receipt of the equipment.

  7. Payment: Payment for sharpening or servicing shall be made as per the agreed terms and in accordance with the pricing provided by OZ Clipper & Scissor. All payment details will be communicated to the customer before the service is rendered.

  8. Free Sharpening Voucher: Customers may receive a one-time free sharpening voucher from JapaneseBlades.com.au. Please note that this voucher can only be used once and is subject to review. OZ Clipper & Scissor reserves the right to decline the voucher if it does not meet the specified conditions. The free sharpening voucher covers services up to a maximum value of $22. Shipping costs are not included and shall be borne by the customer.

  9. Sharpening Services Provider: Please note that sharpening services are carried out solely by OZ Clipper & Scissor. JapaneseBlades.com.au is a partnering entity and facilitates the provision of these services by OZ Clipper & Scissor.

  10. Communication: Customers can contact OZ Clipper & Scissor for any inquiries related to sharpening, servicing, or repairs via phone or email. We aim to respond to all inquiries promptly and ensure transparent communication throughout the process.

By sending your equipment to OZ Clipper & Scissor for sharpening or servicing, you agree to the above terms and conditions. We value your trust and look forward to providing you with exceptional services for your equipment needs.

For any further questions or clarifications, please feel free to contact us at wayne@ozclipperandscissors.com.au OR sales@blueringsystems.com




  1. We reserve the right to refuse service or warranty claims at our sole discretion. Please note that submitting any form avaialble to our site does not guarantee approval of the warranty claim.

  2. To ensure a smooth process, please ensure that your product is properly packed to avoid further damage during transportation.

  3. We are not liable for any loss, theft, or damage caused during the transportation of the machine.

  4. Shipping costs are not included in the warranty or repair claims and shall be borne by the customer.

  5. Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Please refer to the latest version available on our website.

Warranty Exclusion:

  1. Warranty claims can only be made by the original purchaser of the product.

  2. The warranty is void if the product is used beyond the manufacturer's design specifications.

  3. Damage or defects caused by misuse or failure to follow the provided instructions are not covered by the warranty.

  4. Warranty does not cover damage from inappropriate storage or lack of reasonable maintenance.

  5. Machines/products repaired or disassembled by a third party without consent from the Manufacturer and Bluering Systems are not eligible for warranty.

  6. Wear and tear resulting from regular usage and aging, such as defects in color, paint, chrome coating, rusting, and minor cracks, are not covered.

  7. Reasonable deterioration that does not affect the functionality and purpose of the machine, such as noise, vibration, and grease spills, is not covered.

  8. Any damage caused by natural disasters (flooding, typhoon, fire, accidents) is not covered by the warranty.

  9. Warranty does not cover machines/products that have not undergone regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

  10. Any parts subject to wear from regular use, such as O-rings, rubber parts, and blades, are not covered by the warranty.

  11. The warranty does not cover any costs incurred due to the inability to use the machine, including communication and transportation expenses.